We Can’t Wait!

hispanic happy familyYour donation helps move our culture from one of disease treatment to one of health & prevention

There are 1,000 preterm births per day in the US alone–fully 1/2 or 500 births per day could likely be prevented using vitamin D!

Every year, there are about 250,000 new cases of breast cancer in the US… 1/2 of those could be prevented using vitamin D — 125,000 women and, some men, would not have to get this disease.

Please help us STOP the culture of disease treatment and help move our society to a culture of HEALTH and PREVENTION. According to research done by Dr. William Grant, fully 35% of US healthcare costs could be saved by Vitamin D alone.

GrassrootsHealth is a non-profit research and public health organization specifically engaged in moving research into practice NOW! with the tools and methods we have developed — not taking 30 years after it’s been confirmed. Grant funding for nutrients, such as vitamin D, is rare. The money is not in nutrients, but drugs.

Your donation will help fund ongoing implementations of the program we have developed. During August, your contribution is double as Dr. Josephy Mercola is matching all donations up to $25,000.