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Symposium in Print 2009

Epidemiology of Vitamin D & Cancer

 Symposium in Print on the Epidemiology of Vitamin D and Cancer
Cedric F. Garland

 Vitamin D and Cancer Mini-Symposium: The Risk of Additional Vitamin D
Reinhold Vieth

 Ecological Studies Of Ultraviolet B, Vitamin D And Cancer Since 2000
William B. Grant, Sharif B. Mohr

 Vitamin D and Melanoma
Kathleen M. Egan

 Vitamin D and Breast Cancer
Elizabeth R. Bertone-Johnson

 Vitamin D for Cancer Prevention: Global Perspective
Cedric F. Garland, Edward D. Gorham, Sharif B. Mohr, Frank C. Garland

 Vitamin D Status: Measurement, Interpretation, and Clinical Application
Michael F. Holick

 A Brief History of Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention
Sharif B. Mohr

 Vitamin D and Cancer Incidence in the Harvard Cohorts
Edward Giovannucci

 Vitamin D and Pancreatic Cancer
Rachael Z. Stolzenberg-Solomon

 Vitamin D and Intervention Trials in Prostate Cancer: From Theory to Therapy
Gary G. Schwartz