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D*action Community Project Calls for Changing Breast Cancer Awareness Month to Breast Cancer Prevention Month

Upcoming Diagnosis & Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency Seminar at University of Toronto on November 3 to Showcase How Doctors Can Take Action Now to Prevent Breast Cancer

San Diego, CA – The month of October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month," but for members of the D*action Community Project, the time is right to rename it "Breast Cancer Prevention Month". On November 3 at the University of Toronto, some of the most prominent vitamin D researchers in North America will participate in the "Diagnosis & Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency" seminar presented by GrassrootsHealth. One of the key messages of the seminar is that if doctors and health care practitioners can work to solve the vitamin D deficiency epidemic - this will prevent future incidences of breast cancer.

At the University of Toronto conference, Dr. Cedric Garland, UCSD School of Medicine, and Dr. Tracey O'Connor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, will present information on how to prevent breast cancer with vitamin D and, what a cancer treatment protocol would look like.

"Prevention doesn't stop with breast cancer," said Dr. Garland, renowned epidemiologist. "Vitamin D serum levels are at an all time low. If we can get the public to raise its vitamin D serum levels to 40-60 ng/ml (100-150 nmol/L), then it is estimated we will prevent more than 75-80% of the deaths from breast and colon cancer."

Vitamin D health doesn't only relate to decreases in breast cancer, it has also been tracked to prevention of infectious diseases, type 1 diabetes, hypertension, colon cancer, and falls in the elderly.

"These seminars attract the highest level individual – someone who wants to know the latest in science and is willing to act on it and take a preventive role", says Carole Baggerly, Founder and CEO of GrassrootsHealth. "This seminar will give that individual the information and motivation to act now, within their own community, and to spread this information among their peers. It is so exciting to think about the world when vitamin D health is known by all – and headlines read 'Lowest Breast Cancer Rate Since 1960.'"

GrassrootsHealth is the founder of D*action, an international public health project whose goal is to solve the vitamin D deficiency epidemic. GrassrootsHealth and D*action work with over 30 scientists, institutions and individuals committed to educate, test, and study vitamin D levels worldwide.

D*action Community Project members participating in the conference include: Reinhold Vieth, Ph. D. (University of Toronto, Mt. Sinai Hospital), Dr. Robert Heaney (Creighton University) and Cedric Garland, Dr., P.H., F.A.C.E, an epidemiologist and a professor of family and preventive medicine at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, John White, Ph.D. professor of physiology and medicine at McGill University and Susan Whiting, Ph.D. from the University of Saskatchewan.

Registrations are now being accepted for all healthcare personnel, as well as the general public to attend the conference. The attendee fee is $55. All registrants who sign up by October 15 will receive a free vitamin D blood spot test with their enrollment. This activity is being planned and implemented in accordance with the policies of the Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development of the University of the Toronto School of Medicine.

About GrassrootsHealth

GrassrootsHealth, an advocacy organization which launched the D*action Community Project to solve the vitamin D deficiency crisis, is based in San Diego. The D*action Community Project is a consortium of more than 30 scientists, institutions and individuals committed to solving the worldwide vitamin D deficiency epidemic. More information is available at www.grassrootshealth.net.