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Vitamin D for Public Health Seminar 2014

  • Sunlight and Your Health: An EnLIGHTening Perspective

    Michael F. Holick, PhD MD, Boston University Medical Center gives an energetic talk on the positive impacts of sunlight on your health. How can we balance current thinking on the negative effects of sun exposure with new research on its benefits? How does sunlight help in the production of vitamin D? Join Dr. Holick as he explains how sunlight reaches us, how it is absorbed by the skin and much more. Recorded on 12/09/2014

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  • Why the Sun is Necessary for Optimal Health

    Alexander Wunsch, MD, Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Germany gives a historical perspective on sunlight exposure and explains how both the public's and medical community's perspective has changed over time. Recorded on 12/09/2014

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  • Vitamin D Sunshine Optimal Health: Putting it all Together

    Robert P. Heaney, MD, Creighton University explores why vitamin D is important, how it works, how we get it and how much we need. Recorded on 12/09/2014

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  • Cost/Benefit of Optimal Health with Sunshine Vitamin D

    William B. Grant, PhD, Sunlight, Nutrition, and Health Research Center, looks at the costs and benefits of increasing vitamin D-related behavior. Identify the cost reductions of increased vitamin D as it compares to the cost of skin cancers, Recorded on 12/10/2014

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  • Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes with Vitamin D and Sunshine

    Edward Gorham, PhD, UC San Diego School of Medicine, describes the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in terms of sun avoidance and person, place, and time. He identifies key items of evidence suggesting a protective association between sunlight, vitamin D, and risk of type 1 diabetes. He also lists the ways in which addressing vitamin D deficiency can have a positive impact on public health. Recorded on 12/10/2014

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  • Vitamin D Requirements of the Pregnant Woman; NICHD Vitamin D Lactation Summary Data

    Carol L. Wagner, MD, Medical University of South Carolina, discusses how vitamin D status during pregnancy varies around the globe and the implications of maternal vitamin D deficiency for both the mother and her developing fetus. Recorded on 12/10/2014

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