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Join our vitamin D screening campaign! Help sponsor participation in D*action or visit a participating sponsor. 

D*action is a crowdfunded nutrient field trial with a goal to end the vitamin D deficiency epidemic worldwide. Sponsors allow us to decrease the price of participation, thereby allowing more members and improving our data and research.

Sponsors for February 2017

D for Love - $99 for 2 test kits ($36 off!)  Redeem this offer here with coupon code ‘DforLOVE’ at checkout.

Bio-Tech Pharmacal

Bio-Tech Pharmacal has been providing quality nutraceuticals (dietary supplements) for over 32 years! Its products are trusted by over 100 research affiliations (including Mayo, Emory, Cleveland Clinic, Rutgers). They introduced many innovative products including D3-50,000 IU available in a water soluble delivery form. Many different strengths of vitamin D are available, with or without important co-factors. They are a cGMP/FDA registered facility and some products are Kosher/Halal certified.

They are offering a 10% discount during the month of February using coupon code GRH-Feb10. Shop now.



Sperti designs and manufactures specialized ultraviolet sunlamps used for generating natural vitamin D, for tanning, and for psoriasis phototherapy. All SPERTI sunlamps are made in the USA with modern designs and quality materials. Their sunlamps will produce years of convenience and reliable service using bulbs that are custom-made for each sunlamp model. The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F, is the only recognized ultraviolet product for vitamin D production in the human body. A session with The Vitamin D Lamp takes just five minutes. The UVB rays quickly & naturally generate healthy vitamin D. Shop now

D*action Re-sellers

Each business below is committed to screening for vitamin D deficiency in their community. They offer vitamin D*action screening kits in their store and a valuable coupon.  The coupon will be emailed to the participant after the vitamin D results have been posted with a completed questionnaire.  Please check the sponsors below for their particular offerings. 
Under no circumstances is any personal data shared from GrassrootsHealth to the sponsoring organizations.  Your data is kept confidential. 


Contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to find out how to become a sponsor.